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SEEL Discussion on visual impaired persons

A SEEL discussion with students took susessfully place on the 18th of november 2015. Main anchor of the discussion was the situation of visul impaired persons and how their learning processes can be fostered by new media and the use of audios. The students where very interested in the topic and pointed out that individualised learning approaches are necessary.

Conference and meeting in Timisoara successful

The SEEL-Implementation Conference took place from the 27th to the 29th of October 2015 in Timisoara, Romania was a great success. The partner created together audio files for the testing scenarios in the partner languages. Here, the cooperation with the schools from the Czech Republic and from Rumania was an important factor. Moreover, the partners discussed about the implementation of the tests as well as about the implementation of the questionnaires of the SEEL survey.

The participants watched the first film sequences of SEEL and were really impressed. The films will be enhanced and additional ones will be added. In a WIKI the will be provided as a part of the learning units for the quasi experimental testing.

Currently, the partners work also on networking to deepen and broaden the contacts with other schools and institutions. In addition to that they are collecting information at schools for visual impaired learners to open the opportunity to foster learning and to reflect on the use of Podcasts, and similar ways to provide audios and sounds at theses schools as well. This will be a basis for a concept for this target group.

The following picture shows the main actors of the project partners at the meeting in the technical College in Timisoara:


Positive feedback and excellent experiences at the transfer meeting at the National Agency in Germany

The presentation of SEEL at the National Agency of Germany in Bonn was both interesting and successful. We presented selected results and transfer opportunities of SEEL at the transfer meeting. The feedback of other projects who were participating in the meeting was really positive. Several persons came after the presentation to discuss about the different results and the huge potential of the project. They were interested in the database of sounds, the testing scenarios and the “SEEL-E-Learning – Audio and Sound-survey” as well. Moreover, the combination of existing OER and new insights in the topic and own creations was the most interesting part for the participants. The transfer concept of SEEL is working well and includes different dissemination strategies.


Third Partner Conference in Romania

From the 27th to the 29th of october the third SEEL Conference takes place in Timisoara, Romania. The partners and national teachers will discuss and reflect on the SEEL Survey, the Microunits for the quasi-experimental test-design for Sound in E-Learning, the Teacher Training Course and the SEEL sound database.