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Great final of the SEEL project

The SEEL project ended on the 31st of August 2016.
We were able to finish all activities right on time and the SEEL Book is printed.
It is now available and provides the most important information and data about SEEL, the approaches and the testing.
Overall, we are happy about the big success of SEEL.

Final Conference of the SEEL project in Paderborn

The discussions on the final conference are really fuitful and helpful.

The results of the SEEL scenario testings are positive.
Learning with sounds and audios leads to the same learning results than learning without it.
In addtion to that the learners are more motivated and satisfied when they learn with audios.
So, sound and audios are able to reach the same learning results while the process of learning
is easier for the learners.

Moreover, the handbook for educators which provides a guideline for the use of the SEEL Online Course Creator was discussed, finished and translated. Therefore, an additional help and support system could be established with SEEL, which can be used by teachers in the field of visual impaired learners as well as in the field of general education as well as vocational education.

Interesting discussions before the final conference

Tomorrow, the final conference of SEEL will take place in Paderborn Germany at the university of Paderborn. Here, all partners will present their results. They are are really interested in the discussion on the advantages of the use of sounds and audios in eLearning.
Currently there are interesting discussion concerning the testings which took place in Romania and Czech Republic at the school. The learners were able to use the mirco units and they had positive learning results. Moreover, the use of sounds and audios in eLearning was tested in differend ways.
So, at the meeting the results will be compiled and focused in detail.

Great results on the conference in Chrudim

The fourth SEEL conference in Chrudim, CZ was successful. All partners joined in fruitful discussions and tested the different apporache of SEEL for young learners and discussed as well about the use for visually impaired learners.

The work on the Teacher training went on and the Online Course Creator was discussed intensively. Moreover, the SEEL partners focussed on the evaluation results of the survey at teachers and learners. The feedback was very positive due to the fact that the teachers were very aware of the use and importance of eLearning ans audios/ sounds in future education.


Current Conference Meeting in Chrudim – April 2016

The project SEEL – Sound in European E-Learning
is coming together for the SEEL Conference in Chrudim, Czech Republic

On this SEEL Implementation and Evaluation Conference
which takes place from April 26th to 28th 2016 the partners
have fruitful discussions on the testing of the sounds and the learning scenarios.
Moreover, the evaluation results are presented and discussed for the two target groups – teacher and learners.
The Online-Course-Creator is presented and discussed. It is important to add additional functions which are needed in the different countries by teachers.



SEEL Presentation on the Didacta fair 2016

Prof. Dr. Mar Beutner, coordinator of the SEEL project and Matthias Teine from the chair Business and Human Resource Education II, University Paderborn, presented the project SEEL with its sound database, testing scenarios and the huge range of activities of SEEL on the educational fair Didacta from the16th February to the 20th February 2016 in Cologne,
On this fair about 800 exhibitors from 38 countries presented their educational products and activities to a broad audience.