SEEL Project

The project SEEL – Sounds in European E-Learning (2014-1-DE02-KA200-001631) is a European Erasmus+ project in the key action ‘Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices’, action ‘Strategic Partnerships’. SEEL focuses the field of vocational education and training  (VET).

The project started on the 1st of September 2014 and its duration is 24 months. The project language is English.

Project partners are four partners from the three countries Germany, Romania and Czech Republic. In this case, the consortium consists of an university, a technology-oriented partner for innovative education programs and two development and implementation schools.

The project aims to develop:

  • research results in the field of using sound and audio elements in e-learning settings with a specific focus on vocational education and training
  • open learning materials for integration into OER learning opportunities (Open Educational Resources)
  • a training course on the use of sound and audio elements in learning contexts as well as
  • the so-called SEEL-Learning Solution Network, a partnership that is committed to long-term issues of the integration of audio elements in learning processes.

The project SEEL will examine opportunities for using sound in e-learning settings as a way of enhancing the learning experience and supporting learners. Special attention will be paid to visually impaired learners. The consortium will build model implementations and publish them along with a handbook to support future improvements in the development of open learning content and other types of e-learning applications. Unlike visual impressions, acoustic impressions affect human psychology in a very direct way. The results will be published in a handbook, which will be made available along with the model implementations. The handbook will serve as a basis for future design of better learning content, especially EU opened learning content, by adding the dimension of sound.